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Randy’s Rigs, Making Rigging Easy

Windom, Minnesota (September 15, 2020), Walleye professionals have been asking for it and Randy’s Rigs has delivered. Created out of necessity and to simplify the need for a dozen rig noodles in the boat. Owner and creator Randy Hummel has designed the perfect specialty hook for walleye anglers all over the country looking to minimize tackle space and increase their ability to quickly modify their rigging presentations. No more hassle dealing with broken off trailer hooks, just snap on a Randy’s Rig and your back to fishing.

From open water trolling crawler harnesses to rigging creek chubs Randy’s Rigs has you covered. “Being able to switch out a #2 octopus hook for a Treble hook trailer on fisheries such as Green Bay without having to put on entirely new spinner rig is a huge time saver, especially in a tournament where every second count’s." Said owner and National Walleye Tournament angler Randy Hummel.

Randy has been in the innovation business for years working as the R&D specialist for Full Tilt Performance creating high-performance trucking parts. “I have been developing this hook for over three years now ensuring I have the best hook for the welded (patent pending) loop to attach too and that the break strengths of all the components greatly exceed the weight of any fish targeted," said Randy.

In a recent National Walleye Trail tournament out of Lake Sakakawea, ND. Randy’s Rigs pro-Brian Bashore was able to take home a 14th place finish as he credited catching a few of his weigh fish by rigging a creek chub on a Randy’s Rig. “I was getting bit short, so I added a treble hook stinger to my Randy’s Rig and immediately began to boat those bites,” said Randy’s Rigs Pro Brian Bashore.

Randy’s Rigs offers pre-made rigs in several color options as well as all the components to tie up your own for the DIY anglers. Each hook is individually welded, finished, and tested by Randy himself to ensure only the highest of quality products carry the name Randy’s Rigs on them. Check them out at

Randy’s Rigs Features:

  • 15 popular colors in the pre-made rigs

  • Pre-made rigs come with a 40-inch,14lb Fluorocarbon leader, quick change clevis, 6 mm beads, Colorado blade with a Randy’s Rigs patent pending #2 octopus hook

  • Randy’s Rigs patent pending #2 Octopus hooks finished in black nickel

  • Trailer hook rigs come with a 14lb fluorocarbon coated copolymer trailer line with a #2 octopus hook tied to a #00 duo-lock snap.

  • Handcrafted and made in the USA

For more information, contact:

Randy's Rigs, 90827 500th Ave, Windom, MN 56101

Tel: 507-840-7043

Randy’s Rigs is created by professional walleye angler Randy Hummel. Working with the best walleye anglers in the Midwest to design the nation's finest rigging hook on the market. Cutting edge innovation backed by years of testing Randy’s Rigs is the highest in quality when it comes to fishing tackle.

Media Contact:

Minnow Marketing

Brian Bashore


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