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Free Shipping With Promo Code: "PRO"

Now new Pro Great Lakes Walleye Noodle. Easily change the trailing set up of your harness. Just unclip the duolock snap and clip on what you want on. Go to a 1 hook harness when using leeches or minnows or a small peice of crawler. use a 2, 3 or treble hook harness when using cralwlers. You can also easily change to the popular slow death presentation with the slow death trailer. 


Comes with 7 different color combination spinner rigs size 5 baldes, 7 regular size 2 trailers, 2 long size 8 treble trailers, 2 long size 6 treble trailers, 3 two snelled hook trailer size 2, and slow death trailer.

A $60 value for $49

Free Shipping with promo code "PRO"


Pool noodle

7 spinner rigs size 5 blades

7 regular size 2 trailers

2 long size 8 treble trailers

2 long size 6 treble trailers

3 two snelled hook trailers size 2

1 slow death trailer

Pro Great Lakes Walleye Noodle

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