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Free Shipping With Promo Code: "PRO"

Be ready for any rigging situation with this Pro Walleye Noodle set up. Easily change the trailing set up of your harness. Just unclip the duolock snap and clip on what you want on. Go to a 1 hook harness when using leeches or minnows or a small peice of crawler. use a 2 or 3 hook harness when using cralwlers. You can also easily change to the popular slow death presentation with the slow death trailer. 


Comes with 7 different color combination spinner rigs, 11 regular size 2 trailers, a size 4 regular trailer, a size 8 treble trailer, a 2 snelled size 2 trailer, and a slow death trailer.

A $60 value for $49

Free Shipping with promo code "PRO"


Pool noodle

7 spinner rigs

11 regular size 2 trailers

1 regular size 4 trailer

1 size 8 treble trailer

1 2 snelled size 2 trailer

1 slow death trailer

Pro Walleye Noodle

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